FIT and microFIT

Profit from Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff Programs

The Government of Ontario, through the IESO (Independent Electricity Service Operator), has established the Feed-In Tariff programs to promote renewable energy development in Ontario. These programs pay the system owners a premium for the electricity they generate with their renewable energy system over a contract of 20 years. This makes of FIT and microFIT projects profitable long-term investments.

Infinitum Energy – Your Solar Turn-key Solution

Infinitum Energy specializes in microFIT solar installations on residential properties. We take care of the application process, system design, permits, installation and commissioning of the system. We are a turn-key solution for having solar panels on your roof.

Our Process

At Infinitum Energy, our solar professionals begin the process by providing you with an on-site analysis of your roof’s solar potential. Our analysis provides you with your projected electricity generation and accurate forecasts of your solar payback and ROI. Our engineers design solar systems to produce optimal earnings for you. We use best-in-class equipment that ensures you make the most of your investment.

Our consultative approach helps us learn everything we can about your goals and priorities so we can design a system that works for your home. We discuss the best options to meet your budget goals and spend time to educate you and make sure you feel comfortable about the choices you make. Our low-pressure, thorough process allows you to make an informed decision about going solar with Infinitum Energy. In addition, we have professionally-trained solar electricians and installers who are experts in solar installation—so we can provide a consistent, quality experience.

Is Your Roof Right For Solar? We’ll tell you

If you are wondering whether your house is a good fit for solar, give us a call! We are happy to answer your questions and provide advice on whether solar is the right investment for you.

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