Fully-modular design

G-Track modular track lighting

Our society places so much emphasis on constant growth and evolution. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a light that could grow with you?

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Get a light that grows with you

G-Track is here to help

Infinitum Energy is proud to introduce the G-Track modular track lighting, a light fixture that you can adapt to suit virtually any application. Whether you’re lighting your basement, a trade show booth or an office complex, G-Track has got you covered. Watch our video to learn more. 


One fixture, many lights 

The Hydra of LED Light Fixtures


So, you're managing a massive outdoor space and you're getting tired of paying for HID bulb replacements. You could simply replace every bulb with LEDs.  But you'll still need to maintain the fixtures around your venue.  The better solution?  Reduce the number of fixtures you use with the Hydra of LED lights: the T500.


The T500 has multiple heads that can be rotated 140-degrees vertically and 360-degrees horizontally, which means that you can them wherever you need light. You can also change the lenses on some lights to achieve different beam angles. All together, the T500 will be the only exterior light you'll need.

Other Features

Wide and narrow beam angle

Multiple replaceable optical heads allow for 10, 30, 60, 90 and 120-degree beam angles

Fully-rotatable head

140-degree horizontal rotation and 360-degree vertical tilt

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