Agricultural LED Lighting

Energy Savings

If you are a farmer or are managing a farm, LEDs can help you cut down overhead costs to maximize your profits. Our LED lighting offers you the opportunity to take advantage of this technology that is more efficient, lasts longer and produces better quality lighting allowing you to cut down on overhead costs and maximize profits.  LED lights can save you up to 80% on lighting energy consumption. While LEDs have higher upfront costs, these costs are quickly recovered through energy savings, resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership for agricultural lighting options.

Parts & Maintenance Savings

Our LED lighting takes away much of the burden of replacement parts and maintenance labour costs resulting in additional savings. LED lighting is more durable and has a significantly longer lifespan than conventional lighting. This results in the elimination of ballasts, minimizes bulb change-out, and much less disruption of your operations due to maintenance. Some of the lenses used in our LED lighting do not get yellow from gasses such as ammonia, or from the heat of the lamp, as is the case with metal halides, HPS lights and fluorescent lights. This means that you will be taking advantage of your luminaire’s light to its fullest potential.

Government Rebates

Along with the significant savings that you achieve through maximizing energy savings as well as parts and maintenance savings, you can also increase the profitability of your investment through the application of Government rebates. Infinitum Energy takes care of obtaining the appropriate rebates for your application and works hard to maximize the rebates for you.

Lighting Controls

At Infinitum Energy we can help you with the installation of different lighting controls that will enhance your operations. For instance, you can implement a daylight harvesting system with photo sensors that control lighting levels in accordance with the amount of daylight entering the barn. This helps you take advantage of sun light while maintaining proper lighting inside your barn. We have also researched studies on the correlation between lighting and farm production and have found that controlling the quality and time that an animal is exposed to lighting has a significant impact on the performance of the farm. LED lighting is the closest of artificial lights to sunlight because of the similarity in the light spectrum. Animals have different spectral sensitivity from humans, and therefore different spectral requirements. Adjusting lighting to optimal levels for each animal and their life-stage has a positive effect on their health and production. With our LEDs it is also possible to improve the visibility in your barn. We have lights that are powerful while being more efficient. Improved visibility helps you spot any anomalies in your farm and your animals that you would not otherwise be able to find with lower-quality light.

Improved Farm Performance

Recent dairy farm studies have shown that LED lighting boosts milk production by 8%. Studies of the use of LED lighting on poultry farms demonstrates improved egg production in layer farms and improved musculoskeletal development and weight gain on broiler farms.  LED lights do not produce UV or infrared radiation, resulting in overall improved farm performance.