LED lighting for Hospitality and Multi-Residential Buildings


At Infinitum Energy we provide lighting solutions for facilities such as condominiums, nursing homes and hospitals. These are environments that require residential-like lights at commercial quality. Infinitum Energy provides bulbs that far surpass the quality of bulbs found elsewhere in terms of quality and lifespan.

Energy Savings

Lighting is a significant component of hospitality and multi-residential energy use, representing more than 10 percent of energy consumption. Further, lighting boosts the demand for cooling because every watt of electricity used for lighting generates heat. Energy-efficient lighting strategies, whether used in new construction or in retrofits of existing facilities, yield major savings and have a short payback period.

Maintenance Savings

Maintenance cost savings are a significant part of the benefits accruing for the adoption of LED technology. Significantly lower maintenance costs come from the exceptionally long life of LED powered luminaries. With our LEDs long lifespan of over 50,000 hours you will not have to worry about disrupting your operations to maintain your lights. You also eliminate the burden of storing lights and minimize bulb change-out.


Security, Comfort and Aesthetics

Besides saving you money, retrofitting your lighting system with our LEDs will improve other areas of your facility. Occupants of buildings with proper lighting report an increased sense of comfort and security due to improved visibility and reduction of dark areas.

Installing our LEDs can also help you highlight the more attractive areas in your facility and also improve the appearance of your lights with new fixtures.