Net Metering and Off-Grid Systems

Interested in using the energy your solar panels generate rather than selling it to the grid? Then Net Metering or Off-Grid systems are for you.

What Are Net Metering Systems?

Net Metering systems are configured so that the energy your solar panels generate is used by you first. Any excess energy you generate is sent to the grid and becomes credit for you in your electricity bill. Net Metering works on a point system, so any extra energy you need that your solar system does not produce will be provided by the grid. Conversely, if your system generates more than you need, your local electricity utility will give you that amount as credit for your future energy bills.

What Are Off-grid Systems?

Off-grid systems are completely isolated from the electricity grid. These systems are ideal for remote locations with no access to the grid, or where the costs of connecting to the grid are impermissible. Off-grid systems are complex to design and often require battery back-up, which increases costs significantly.

Got Connection to the Grid? Consider microFIT

If you have connection to the grid we strongly suggest you consider a microFIT system. You do not need batteries, so the cost of the system is more feasible. Also, you are paid a premium for the electricity you send to the grid, so your solar system is actually more profitable.