A revelation in lighting control

The Kinetic Switch Is Here

Wiring light switches used to be a lot of work. The kinetic switch makes it easy.

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Reduce material and labour costs

How to simplify light switch installation

If you’ve ever tried installing a light switch, you know how much of a hassle it is. Such a simple task can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars in material, labour and inspection. And if your walls are plaster or concrete? Forget about it!

At Infinitum Energy, we’ve come up with a better solution. Watch our video to learn more.


How it Works

Harness the power of FSK


Wireless light switches aren’t a new concept. However, manufacturers of these switches still had to contend with using batteries, WiFi or other mediums of connection for a switch to communicate with your lights. Unlike the kinetic switch, those switches aren’t self-powered. 


The kinetic switch is self-powered because of a technology called frequency-shift keying, or FSK for short. When a switch is pressed, it wirelessly communicates with the controller via FSK, which tells it to either turn on or dim your lights. No wires, batteries, WiFi or BlueTooth needed. 

Other Features

Smart home capability

some Controller Models can interface with wifi and bluetooth

10 Amp Capacity

one controller can support an entire room of LED lights

Dimmability available

Some controllers can dim your lights

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