Ontario’s solar incentive will soon be ending. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of  this great income-generating opportunity. If you have been dreaming about installing solar on your roof, your time is NOW. Let the Government pay you for YOUR energy!

Achieve Savings.

Earn Passive Income.


Discover the ways you can improve your finances through the smart use of electricity. Whether it is solar pv panels or LED lighting, Infinitum Energy offers you the best total solution to make the most of your investment.  

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Why our Products?

Solar Panels

LED Lighting

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Earn Income

The Government of Ontario pays you a premium for the energy you produce over a 20-year period

Help the Environment

The energy you generate with your solar system is clean

Great ROI

No other investment gives you a guaranteed return

Save on your Electricity Bill

Installing LEDs will help you save up to 80% on your lighting electricity consumption

Minimize Maintenance

Lifespans of 70,000+ hours mean less bulbs, ballast and electrician costs

Government Rebates

Take advantage of the money the government offers for installing energy-efficient lights.



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Our Systems


Solar PV Systems

Our Solar Photovoltaic systems are set up to achieve optimal energy and income. You will enjoy a system that will reap the maximum amount of energy from the sun and give you the best possible ROI. Our systems are carefully engineered and installed on your roof to last for decades. Ask us for a complimentary analysis of your roof.

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LED Lighting Systems

Infinitum Energy’s LED lights help businesses achieve optimal efficiency in illumination. The world of lighting has evolved. Let us show you how you can also transition into a world of more efficient, cleaner and longer-lasting lights. Ask us for an assessment of your facility and we will show you what you need and how much you will save.

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