Exterior Lighting Solutions for Victorian Homes
'Monday 13th of December 2021 04:58:11 PM'

Exterior Lighting Solutions for Victorian Homes

When it comes to Victorian homes and other historical buildings, renovations tend to be more restrictive. The rough-in phase (drilling into walls, installing into soffits, etc.) is difficult because older buildings have grand-fathered- in building materials that are not as versatile as those we use today.

Victorian House in Kitchener Lit up with Exterior Lighting

With this Victorian home that we lit up in Kitchener, the client could not install exterior potlights. Many Victorian homes do not have Soffits between the roof and the exterior. This means that no pot lights can be installed to light up the outside of the home--there is imply not the space to recess in the potlight wiring. 

After speaking to the client and determining his ideal vision for the house, we designed the light to accentuate the crests of the roof and base of the upper deck. Because this was also a place of business, we designated some lighting to illuminate the business signage, and finally, used a powerful light to shine on the main entrance.

Victorian House in Kitchener Illuminated with LED landscape lights

We used discreet uplights to accentuate the areas in question, and installed wiring in the corners of the roofing space. This gave the house the look of potlights, but with more precision. One of the best attributes of uplights is that they can be made to focus in on any area you choose. They even come in different light angles so that radiance is spread out wide or focused in tightly, based on the item it accentuates. 

One of the other advantages of low-voltage lighting over regular-power AC lighting is the electricity consumption. Low-voltage lighting uses, on average, 10% of the power supply, making it sustainable and easier on the electrical bill. The result is a beautifully-illuminated outdoor space at dusk and at night, and a welcoming work environment.

Side Note: For businesses, outdoor lighting not only provides beautiful aesthetic and curb appeal, but also increases client safety. As patrons enter and exit the premises, they are able to see the way down steps, up a curb, on a path, etc. The bright outdoor space also hinders any criminals behaviour such as break-ins and theft. 

If you're looking to light up your home but can't drill into the facia or soffit of your home, low-voltage is the way to go.

'Monday 13th of December 2021 04:58:11 PM'

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