Growatt Lithium Ion Battery 5kWh

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  • Growatt Lithium Ion Battery 5kWh
  • Growatt Lithium Ion Battery 5kWh
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Growatt Lithium Ion battery is made up of cobalt free LiFePO4 battery with high cycle stability and long lifespan. It has soft start to defend the system from surges and comes with whole system warranty. It has special features like auto under-voltage wakeup, remote diagnosis and remote firmware upgrade. This battery is easy to install and not cable needed to install multiple batteries as they can be stacked on each other.



Energy capacity: 5.0kWh

Max charge/Discharge power: 3kW

Max charge/Discharge current: 60A

Peak power: 4.5kW@3s 

Nominal voltage: 51.2V

Operating voltage range: 48 - 57.6V

IP protection: IP20

Operation temperature: 0 - 50 C/32-122 F

Dimensions (W/D/H): 650/350/165mm (25.6/14.6/6.5in)

Weight: 42kg/92.4lbs

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