Special A19 Bulb

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  • Special A19 Bulb
  • Special A19 Bulb
  • Special A19 Bulb
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These LED round bulbs produce the same light output as incandescent light bulbs of up to 100W. That's up to 85% less power than conventional lighting. These bulbs can fit directly into your existing fixtures and instantly provide that clearer light and lower energy bill that these bulbs are known for. Plus, these bulbs are fully dust and water-resistant, making them perfect for use in the great outdoors.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 12 or 15 watt
  • 6000K colour tempurature
  • 83-90 lumens per watt
  • dimmable/non-dimmable
  • 80 CRI - colours appear more vibrant
  • beam angle 190 degrees
  • AC 85-265V 
  • CE/RoHS/PSE/FCC/UL certified
  • IP65 (dust and water resistant)


The applications for these LED bulbs are endless. Because of their efficiency, fast turn-on, and resistance to dust and water, these bulbs can easily adapt to many different environments.  

*Light bulb could look different due to fluctuating inventory, however will still give the same output



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