wifi light controller

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  • wifi  strip light controller
  • includes a double sided tape for easy mounting, instructions and module
  • wifi instructions, wifi app, smart app, smart light, kitchen undercabinet, closet
  • wifi instructions, wifi app, smart app, smart light,kitchen undercabinet, closet
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Amazing, super handy wi-fi controller fot any strip light or any lights from 5 to 12Vdc.

the wide voltage range allows you to use use this controller with a simple 5 volt cellphone charger to a 24 vdc application.

Dimm the lights

Put a schedule

Turn away thieves making them believe that yo are at home .

Easy to use app available in the app store or google play.

Comes with a DC plug 5.1mm super common on DC strip lights and easy to convert any light with this type of plug for safe connection.



App needed; Magic Home Pro.

Channel: Single tone lights, (known as 1 channel)

Input Volts: 5 to 28volts DC

Max watts: 96W for any of the given voltages


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