Optimized Solar System 10 kW Complete Turn-key Connected

900.00 KGS
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  • Optimized Solar System 10 kW Complete Turn-key Connected
  • Optimized Solar System 10 kW Complete Turn-key Connected
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This is one of the best systems in the Solar PV market utilizing grid-tie inverters which combine the benefits of micro-inverters with the wiring simplicity of string inverters. They use a simple black box called an Optimizer to MTTP, allowing you to monitor each panel individually.The Optimizers are connected in a string to the inverter providing the following benefits:

1. panel level MTTP power production

2. works in partially shaded conditions

3. built-in and free panel level monitoring

4. allows strings of 6 to 21 panels or mixes of solr panel sizes and ratings

5. allows strings of different solar panels and sizes in different planes

6. connects to the inverter with standard MC wiring

7. allows you to increase the solar yield of each panel

See how a DC Optimized system compares to a micro-inverter system and a string inverter-only system! 

System Highlights:

1. The system won't clip your generation plant like an Enphase microinverter

2. Safety system that allows the DC bus to be unpowered if the inverters are off

3. Stable module communication to your monitoring system  

4. Even with no shading this system will increase your energy generation

5. 25 year warranty

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