Solar System 10kW Complete Turn-key Connected (String Inverter Only)

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What is a string-inverter system?

A string-inverter system is set up so that panels are connected and feeding a central inverter. No optimizers and no micro-inverters. 

See how a string-inverter system compares to a micro-inverter system and a DC Optimized system!

Why is a string-inverter system right for you?

String inverter systems are the most economical way to set up your solar system. All panels are simply connected to the central inverter, with no other devices making part of the system.

You save on parts and installation time!

Where are these systems installed?

String inverter systems are ideal for roofs with no shading issues as energy can still be generated at optimal levels

When should you have your system installed and how does the government program work?

The time to have your system installed is NOW. With the microFIT Feed-In-Tariff program highly likely coming to an end in the near future, the time to secure your microFIT program is now. 

The microFIT program is set up so that the Government of Ontario pays you for the energy your solar panels generate. This system offers you an opportunity to profit from the sun and earn a decent return on investment. 


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